The Royal Paradise Hotel & Spa


  • Thai Massage

    60 Mins | 800.-

    90 Mins | 990.-

    120 Mins | 1,350.-

    Utilizing ancient Thai techniques, our therapists will massage you from head to toe, being sure to concentrate on individual areas of pain or pesky muscle aches. The Thai massage ends with a soothing, warm compress. Local Thai herbs round out the head massage, which helps to increase the levels of relaxation in your mind and soul.

  • Foot Reflexology Massage

    60 Mins | 750.-

    Foot Reflexology Massage is world-renowned for soothing tired, swollen feet caused by too much walking or jetlag. Our unique massage begins with a luxurious salt scrub followed by a luscious reflexology treatment that will stimulate reflex points in feet that coincide with internal organs, glands and specific axis of affliction.

  • Royal Paradise Massage

    90 Mins | 1,550.-

    Our signature treatment, the Royal Paradise Massage, combines the full technique of aromatherapy massage with the ancient techniques of Thai massage. This massage is sure to reduce stress and relieve aching muscles. This signature treatment is especially recommended for those who wish to reduce and heal pain and aggravating afflictions in their bodies. The Royal Paradise Massage will melt your pain away and offer complete and total relaxation for the body.

  • Aromatherapy Massage

    60 Mins | 1,350.-

    The Aromatherapy Massage offers a rejuvinating massage with a choice of specially blended aromatherapy oils. Utilizing long, slow stratus techniques, this soothing massage allows the natural healing properties of essential oils to penetrate into your skin, leaving you with a total sense of well-being.

  • Asian Blend Massage

    60 Mins | 1,350.-

    The Asian Blend Massage combines techniques of aromatherapy and ancient Thai massage. This massage is geared towards soothing every day aches and pains, as well as alleviating stress. The Asian Blend Massage is suited for those looking for complete relaxation.

  • Crowning Glory Massage

    60 Mins | 1,350.-

    The Crowning Glory Massage concentrates on the back, neck, shoulder and head area and uses warm aromatic oils. Local herbs are applied to the spinal area, and the massage is strong utilizing full palms.

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